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PDX Roto-Bator
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PDX Roto-Bator
PDX Roto-Bator
PDX Roto-Bator
PDX Roto-Bator


$209.95 CAD

Brand: Pipe Dreams

PLU: 34547


Unlike ordinary strokers that barely move up and down, the Roto-Bator’s advanced rotation mechanism puts a whole new spin on male masturbation!

With each revolution of the soft TPR sleeve, rows of strategically placed metal pleasure beads gently massage every inch of your pleasure rod under a textured layer of TPR.

The super-soft sleeve wraps around the sensitive areas of your cock while rows of tiny ticklers tease and please, delivering spine-tingling sensations even a real mouth couldn’t reproduce!

You get mind-blowing satisfaction when you want, for as long as you want, without any strings attached!

Available in Black or Pink