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Cobra Libre


$179.95 CAD

Brand: Fun Factory

PLU: 16602


The Cobra Libre is the most revolutionary and talked about sex toy for men in years!

It's not a simple masturbation sleeve, nor is it an 'automatic stroker'. The Cobra Libre is the world's first vibrator for men. An amazingly designed sex toy that uses powerful internal engines that will make your penis go from 0 - 80 within seconds!
What does it feel like to have your penis inside the Cobra Libre? The sensation is incredible, but a little hard to describe (given that it's like no other sensation on Earth). As soon as you switch the Cobra on, it's as though your penis is suddenly lit up with some intense sexual charge. It's a bit like that brief, but exquisite feeling you get when you're very close to orgasm. Except with the Cobra Libre, you can have it at the press of a button. And what's most amazing, this indescribable feeling can go on for minutes. In fact, to some extent, it even seems to last after you have finished using the Cobra Libre - even AFTER you have cum!!!