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Sensations Game


$69.95 CAD

PLU: 1874


A sensuous game for lovers.

All your senses will come alive! An exciting and stimulating prelude, which may enable you to make discoveries about each other you never imagined. This is a really fun game.

This game has dare cards, favor cards, massage oil, a small toy, a blindfold, a little sand timer and more.

An example part of this game is: you roll the dice, then move the amount of spaces on the playing board. If you land on a dare card area, you choose a dare card. The dare card may say blindfold your partner, place something edible on three parts of your body. And have your partner find the three parts while blindfolded. Your partner is timed by the sand timer. If they find the three parts before the time runs out then they receive a favor card. The favor card expires in one month. The favor card could say something like: "The barer of this card can receive a one hour body massage."