Of the many toys out there a favorite is the Serenity glass black dildo, a gorgeous glass dildo that you both can use!

The Serenity is a curvy, versatile wand with a g-spot loving shape that’s perfect for both men and women.  Glass and pleasure objects are made to be combined for so many reasons, starting off with the most noticeable- the look.  The Serenity is a perfectly smooth midnight black double ended treat with smoothly spherical heads in both a small and large size. Either end can be inserted or used as handle, depending on how you choose to enjoy it.  The curvy shape reaches up naturally to massage the female g-spot or the male prostate easily and comfortably.

Take your Wand in hand to experience the solid, weighty feel that even with no effort on your part, applies steady, gentle pressure to whatever part of your body is lucky enough to be touched, and notice how the warmth from your hand transfers to Serenity, promising a quick transition for pleasantly cool to sensually warm when it’s time for use.

Aside from the look and feel, glass is incomparably hygienic, with a nonporous surface that won’t hang onto any bacteria, and can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. You can also use any type of lube you like, from water to silicone to oil, the choice is yours!

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Foot Fetish

What is it about women and their feet?  What is it about men and women’s feet?  Many men out there love a woman’s foot, they love to touch, to hold, to massage, to kiss their feet.  In fact, it is one of the most common fetishes around…

To help you both enjoy this interesting fascination there are a few things you can do to relax into it and enjoy!  If you can, try and get a pedicure every six weeks, not only do you deserve it, this will help get you used to your feet being touched by another.  It also allows for good foot health, your nails are then trimmed and clean as well as any callouses removed.

Another great way to learn to relax while having your feet adored is reflexology.  If you have never gone for a session, treat yourself!  Not only does it feel fantastic, it is great for your health as many pressure points in the foot relate to other parts of the body.

Learn to LOVE your feet!  They are an important part of who you are and for many an important part during foreplay and sex.

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Titillating Summer Reading

Looking for a good book to pack along on vacation this summer?  Add a little sizzle to the lazy days of summer with some sexy erotica to heat things up…

If you have not read the Fifty Shades series they are a good start, easy reading with romance, heartbreak, sex and happy endings.  Since just about everyone and their mother has read it don’t worry about carting these around in your beach bag.  On a side note, after seeing the case study they did on copies of Fifty Shades library books, (lots of icky specimens you don’t want transferred),  you might want to buy your own copies.

Anne Rice is known for her Vampire series of books, a little less known for her erotica series starting with Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  Based on the fairy tale Anne takes it down a different path with the princess awakening to a sexual initiation that leads to sexual enslavement.  Hot, sexy, deliciously tantalizing…an erotic trilogy that you will not want to put down, so get the chores out of the way, keep the kids busy, relax & enjoy!

The Penthouse Uncensored series are packed full of erotica…based on formerly published letters from readers of the magazine.  Fascinating, true accounts of sexual exploration that are always entertaining and something you can both enjoy reading!

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Dominatrix, is it within you?

Have you ever seen a movie with bondage and a woman dressed up in leather cracking a whip and had the thought,  “I could do that.”   Well, you are not alone.

More and more women from all walks of life are becoming Dominatrix, whether it be in the privacy of their own bedrooms or out in the community…you would be surprised by the reasons why.  For some it is the feeling of power and control, for others the fantasy of dressing up and playing with their partner, acting out a fantasy of submission and control.   The tight leather outfit Halle Berry wore in Catwoman got many women thinking, then of course there was the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena.
It is a powerful position to be in, your face disguised behind a mask, stilettos on,  standing over your submissive, bound man with whip in hand.

Whatever the reason men and women get involved there is no question,  bondage is on the rise all over North America and becoming a popular adventure for many.


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Life on the Edge

In this day and age many of us feel like we are living life on the edge.  Whether it be living pay cheque to pay cheque or relationship to relationship,  life can be overwhelming.  Every now and then it’s important to step back from the edge, re-evaluate the supposed priorities in your life and decide is this really necessary for me to be happy?  After all, isn’t that what we are all truly after, a life filled with happy moments.

Many people cannot go out for a walk in the woods, a day at the beach or have sex with their partner without their cell phone ringing, email messages and texts coming in…how can you possibly enjoy the moment you are in or person you are with when you are constantly barraged with incoming data?

Turn the cell phones off, the world will not come to an end, the kids will survive.  Step back from the edge, breathe, and spend some time in the moment.

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The art of kissing

Kissing, it is one of the most intimate things we do as a human being.  From a peck on the cheek to a long, passionate kiss.  How important is it to know how to kiss well?  For most women pretty important as kissing is a big part of foreplay and what gets them turned on.

Fresh breath is a biggie, make sure you have brushed your teeth or at the very least popped in a mint to freshen things up before leaning in for a kiss.

Remember when kissing it is not a race to get from the lips to another body part as fast as you can,  take your time and take it slow.  Start off with gentle, loving, caressing kisses that lead into more passionate ones as you both get into the mood.  Linger a while with the kissing, it can be extremely erotic and very, very sexy.  Some say tongue is a must to get the juices flowing “down there” so adding some tongue action from slowly twirling to gentle exploration may be just the trick to help to heat things up even more…

Nothing beats a great kiss, so pucker up and give it a go!

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Love Dolls

Love Dolls have brought joy to many a men and women over time, they get used and abused, are toted around to bachelor or bachelorette parties or in this case are given lots of TLC. This may be taking it a little too far…watch this video clip from My Crazy Obsession.


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Buying a toy for Her

With so many toys on the market that do so many things it can be overwhelming finding the right toy.  There is a lot to think about, from what it is made out of to what it is going to be used for.  Will it be shared or is it just for her?  Is it for long term use or short term pleasure?

When choosing a toy just for her think about what she likes, what turns her on and brings her to climax.  For some vibration on the clit is all it takes, for others its the vibrations along with penetration that brings her to climax.  Some even need anal stimulation as well.   G-spot vibes are big in the toy market, some on the market nowadays work for both the female and male G-spot, yes men you have one too!

Learn what your lover likes, get a rough idea of the size that feels good to her, in both width and length and start there.  Many toys have vibrators with different speeds which can increase pleasure and can be adjusted easily during play.

Pick the right time to introduce the toy to your lover, it may be something she wants to try alone for the first time so don’t be disappointed if she isn’t ready to get down and dirty the moment she sees it.  And remember, it isn’t about replacing what you as a man already provides, it is all about enhancing the play and taking it down a different path.

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Taking It All Off

Many people these days are using laser hair removal to take it all off  down there, forever.  Is this a healthy alternative to keeping yourself trimmed and groomed?  We do have pubic hair for a reason, believe it or not pubic hair catches pheromones and spreads it to attract people of the opposite sex…and having hair down there is making a trendy comeback.

Pubic hair protects the genitals against friction during sexual intercourse, hair in the pubic region helps to keep the genitals warm, and lastly pubic hair prevents impurities from afflicting the genitals.

Trimming or completely removing pubic hair has become a custom in many cultures.  In Islamic societies removing the pubic hair is often a religiously endorsed practice.

Oral sex is easier with hair trimmed or removed, the sensations during sex can be greater as well.  This being said, you can still get a whole lot of sensations with hair and oral sex still happens.  Whatever you decide to do, it is a personal preference after all, make sure you choose what’s best for you.  If you decide to take it all off you might want to start with a complete wax job to get a feel for being bald, then go for a more permanent alternative.

The North Vancouver Love Nest offers full service waxing

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Girls and their Toys

We have discussed boys and their toys, now its time for girls and their toys.  Many women have bought a vibrator for themselves at some point in time or had a lover that has introduced them to one.   It has become as common as buying a new lipstick.  Knowing what’s on the market and what suits you best takes a bit of investigating.  There is nothing worse then getting your toy home and finding it to be too hard and uncomfortable or that you have a reaction to the material its made from.

With the choices on the market nowadays there is no need for discomfort, only pleasure!  Look at the different shapes and sizes, types of materials from silicone to glass, and what will be easiest for you to keep clean.  You may want something water resistant for in the shower, something that vibrates or simply a dildo.

If you are unsure where to start go into your local sex shop and ask.  Most staff are well informed on the products they carry and can guide you in the right direction.  Another great way to shop is going online.   With pictures and descriptions you can get a good idea of what you are buying and what results you can expect.

Want to hit that G-spot?  Lots of vibrators and dildos are specially designed to do just that.  If you are looking for a toy to share with your partner there are lots of couples toys that double your pleasure.  Want to experiment with anal?  Start with a small anal plug or a kit for beginners.  The best thing to do is try out a few products and finds what works best for you and your body and where and how you are most stimulated.

Buying toys can be a bit of a financial investment so choose wisely and know most are made to last with proper care.  Many find once they start with the toys it can become a bit more-ish, as they can be so much fun… and they can help take intimacy with your lover to a whole new level of pleasure!

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