Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm | The top erogenous zones for her

We showed you the top 10 erogenous zones for men and how to “treat” those zones with Kama Sutra Oil of Love…and now we are going to reveal the top 10 erogenous zones for women!

We have several products that are made to be used on the erogenous zones of the body… two of our favorites are Oil of Love and Pleasure Balm Sensations. We used Oil of Love in our tips for targeting his erogenous zones so we will use Pleasure Balm Sensations in our tips for targeting her erogenous zones- to mix things up.  Both products are excellent at heightening sensation in both his and her erogenous zones. Kama Sutra Oil of Love provides a sensual warming sensation on the skin while Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm Sensations provides an exciting cooling and tingling sensation on the skin. Choose which product to use based on what mood you’re in!

Pleasure Balm Sensations is a kissable, water-based body gel that gently cools and tingles on contact. It comes in five fresh flavors: Spearmint, Creme de Menthe, Strawberry Dreams, Raspberry Kiss and Lime Mojito. Our personal favorite is Spearmint because it feels extra tingly (and leaves you with fresh breath) !

To get the full experience of Pleasure Balm Sensations, we recommend following these steps:

- Apply a small amount (or more if desired) to an erogenous zone, gently blow on the area to feel the cool, tingly sensation (apply more Pleasure Balm if you don’t feel it yet), follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet, refreshing flavor…so grab your favorite flavor of Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm Sensations, and head to the bedroom! Follow our guide to her top erogenous zones step-by-step, starting at zone number one…

1. Feet- Start by massaging her feet. Surprisingly there are a lot of nerve endings here that supposedly connect to the sexual organs. Don’t use Pleasure Balm for this one, try one of our many massage products like Aromatics Massage Oil.

2. Lips- Smooth a dab of Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm on your lips, or hers, before you start kissing to make her lips tingle and really start to get her in the mood.

3. Neck- Work your way slowly down her neck, making sure there’s still Pleasure Balm on your lips and tongue.

4. Ears- Go back up to her ears and gently kiss/lick/nibble them, adding a little more Pleasure Balm to your lips if need be.

5. Wrists- Work your way back down her neck, over her collar bones to her wrists. Delicately hold her wrists down (if she’s into a little bit of submission) and kiss them.

6. Breasts- Gently rub Pleasure Balm onto her nipples, then softly blow on them to really make things tingle.

7. Behind the knees- Apply a little Pleasure Balm to this very sensitive area, gently blowing and then caressing her skin with your lips.

8. Butt- This zone can be stimulated at the same time as #9, her inner thighs. Gently squeeze, caress and massage her butt as you give some oral attention to her inner thighs.

9. Inner thighs- Dab Pleasure Balm on her inner thighs stopping just short of her bikini area. Follow with slow, sensual kisses up and down her thighs as you massage her butt at the same time.

10. Vagina- Eventually she won’t be able to take it anymore and you’ll reach the “jack pot”. With Pleasure Balm on your lips and tongue, gently caress her most sensitive areas with your mouth. She’ll love the exciting, cool, tingly sensation down there!

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Article by Marla Lee for Kama Sutra

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